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JOE SATRIANI Releases Animated Music Video For 'Yesterday's Yesterday'


JOE SATRIANI Releases Animated Music Video For ‘Yesterday’s Yesterday’

Joe Satriani has released an animated video for “Yesterday’s Yesterday”, a song off his latest album, “Shapeshifting”. The clip was directed by Joe‘s son, ZZ Satriani, who also shot and directed the last video from “Shapeshifting”“Nineteen Eighty”, in addition to filming, editing, directing and producing the critically acclaimed Satriani documentary film “Beyond The Supernova”.

Watch the animated video for “Yesterday’s Yesterday” below.

Watch Joe Satriani – Yesterday’s Yesterday (Shapeshifting Track-by-track #13, Part 2) below.

When asked about the process this time around, ZZ confesses: “First off, it was a fun challenge during these strange times of quarantine. We live in different cities, so Joe had to set up the lights, green screen, and camera, and film the video on his own.” He continues: “Once I put together the footage, I knew I had to add a little more character to the video. I tend to include my own artwork in my videos, and since the song is so cheerful, I figured why not paint each frame, add even more vibrancy to the whole project.”

An impressed Joe Satriani declares: “ZZ‘s artwork, animation and editing really shine here. His introduction of ‘Joe Satriani‘s Shapeshifting Club’ at the top of the video is a brilliant story telling device that invites us into a world where we can playfully shift into any shape we want.” He continues: “It’s also a subtle nod to the ‘Shapeshifting’ album from which the song comes. The original recording features special guest performances by Lisa Coleman (PrinceTHE REVOLUTION) on piano and Christopher Guest on mandolin.”

The video features a crazy cast of characters, including an animated version of the guitar god himself, interacting at the Shapeshifting Club. Clearly, this hit the mark for Joe. “Each time I watch this video I find myself stopping at every frame to marvel at all the crazy morphing that plays out over the whole song,” Joe says. “I’m hoping ZZ puts all the shape-shifted drawings together in a book soon!”

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