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Jeff Loomis would love to contribute to songs for Arch Enemy


Jeff Loomis ‘Would Really Like to Be’ Involved in Songwriting for Next Arch Enemy Album
“We’re gonna basically take all the 2020 to write the album,” the guitarist says.

During a conversation with the Metal Master Kingdom, Jeff Loomis discussed the next Arch Enemy album, which will mark his second record with the band and the follow-up to 2017’s “Will to Power.”

On the group’s latest effort, Jeff only contributed the guitar-solo tracks. He now said the band has “started slowly working on” the new material, adding:
We’re gonna basically take all the 2020 to write the album. I’m gonna be really busy myself with my solo album so yeah, it’s underway. There’s always riffs going around being shared, so it’s a constant process.

Are you involved in the writing for this one?
I would really like to be. Like, Nevermore was my band, Arch Enemy is his (guitarist Michael Amott’s) band – different styles.
“But I have been in the band for five years and I’d really like to submit a few riffs. I was fortunate enough to play solos in the last album, maybe move it up a little notch or something.

In previous interviews Loomis stated that he doesn’t contribute to the songwriting of Arch Enemy. Prior to his entrance he made name in Nevermore and as a solo artist. He has had 2 signature guitar models at Schecter Guitars and curently endorses Jackson, where he has a customised Jackson Kelly guitar.

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