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Report: IRON MAIDEN's BRUCE DICKINSON Splits With Wife Of Three Decades


Report: IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON Splits With Wife Of Three Decades

According to U.K.’s Mirror, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson has split with his wife of nearly three decades.

The rocker and Paddy Bowden, who were married 29 years ago, reportedly separated in 2018. He has since relocated to Paris, France, where he is living with his new girlfriend, who in the article is described as a “super-fan”.

The 61-year-old heavy metal legend and Paddy have three children: sons Austin, 29, and Griffin, 27, and daughter Kia, 28.

In a recent interview with Argentina’s Clarín (Spanish), Bruce confirmed that he is residing in Paris with his “girlfriend.”

According to the report, Bruce and his wife have no immediate plans for divorce.

Two years ago, Dickinson told BBC Radio 2 that he made a conscious decision to keep his family life — including current and former wives, divorces and children — out of “What Does This Button Do?” “There’s no need for it, really,” he said. “And I think there’s a belief that that nastiness somehow sells books. And I’m not sure one, that it does, and two, that it’s particularly the sort of book that I want to be a part of. So I made the decision that, in amongst not being horrid to people, ’cause there’s no point, at the same time, I thought, well, I also don’t want to tell confidences about other people’s lives. If I wanna share a confidence about my life, ’cause it’s my autobiography, fair enough, but dropping other people in it for the sake of, well, ratings, basically, I think is immoral.

Dickinson admitted, however, that he struggled with whether to involve his family when writing about how he dealt with his cancer diagnosis in 2015. “I did wonder about that, about including them,” he said. “‘Cause, obviously, my wife was pretty key to surviving the whole thing, and they all had to undergo it, in a sense, in the same way as me. And they were relatively powerless in it as well. I allude to that. But, yeah, I did agonize about that a little bit, because I thought, ‘Am I being entirely fair?’ But I thought, ‘I’ll stick with…’ Because you open up a little Pandora’s box there. Because then people say, ‘Well, who are all these people? Why did they suddenly turn up at the end?’ So, for the sake of continuity, and for the sake of it just it being a good book I left them out of it.”

The Mirror estimates that a £90m divorce setlement is at stake.

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