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GigTrack Offers Essential Organizational App for Less Organized Musicians


GigTrack Offers Essential Organizational App for Less Organized Musicians

With the official unveiling of the GigTrack mobile app, Accountech Solutions introduces long-awaited organizational tools for the disorganized musician. GigTrack is the ultimate mobile tool for musicians, both individual artists and bands. It frees users from common administrative headaches, giving them more time to enjoy their creative process. When musicians are alleviated from the stress that inevitably comes from all the behind-the-scenes work, they can focus on their passions of making music and delivering killer performances.

Chief Technology Officer Richard Kagan is a certified public accountant with more than 25 years’ experience. His idea for GigTrack came as many do—as a solution to a common problem. “I work with and hire musicians on a regular basis, and there always seemed to be a common thread—disorganization,” said Kagan, who plays guitar and owns a music school. “I thought, ‘In business circles, organizational tools are everywhere. Why is there nothing for musicians?’”

GigTrack began as a labor of love with the purpose of making musicians everywhere happier and more creative. At the 2019 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Kagan researched and asked musicians about the most common organizational problems they face. GigTrack has been in beta testing ever since to develop the best application for working musicians. Kagan realizes that musicians don’t have a lot of money to spend on technologies beyond their equipment and other essential costs. He believes they should have affordable access to tools that help them stay focused on what’s important and not lose their creative edge.

Here are some of the specific GigTrack features that musicians will find most helpful:

EPK (electronic press kit)
Right within the app, users can build their EPK detailing their playing style and achievements. They can then share their EPK with anyone quickly at the touch of a button. Representation will have access to all public EPKs sorted by playing style, experience, location, and more.

Imagine bandmates being on the same page all the time. GigTrack makes it possible by streamlining all band communications, including practice and performance schedules, logistics, setlists, and setlist notes on song sections needing work. For recurring dates, like practices or gigs, post it once and never forget it again.

Users will never have to wonder if they left that amp or cable at the last gig. Track all equipment with photos, model numbers, serial numbers, insurance info and more, and never miss a warranty date.

Bulletin Board
This is a place where users can share posts with other musicians, agents, managers, promoters, and others. Here, they can post notices for auditions, look for last-minute fill-ins, search for used equipment, and ask questions. Imagine posting an audition notice and getting another user response along with an EPK, or finding a last-minute replacement for a performance—the possibilities are endless.

Write Your Song
This song structure template allows the user to structure verses and chorus so that they can always be creating, even on the go.

Whether for bands, band leaders, producers, agents, music school directors, choir instructors, or young musicians trying to make it in the crazy music industry, GigTrack is the affordable technology that maintains peace, order, and sanity.

To access the app and to learn more, find “GigTrack for Musicians” on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, or download from gigtrack.online. Users can try GigTrack for free until Feb. 15, 2020. Accountech simply asks users to share it, talk about it, and provide them feedback.

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