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FINNTROLL Premiere Video To “Mask”


FINNTROLL Premiere Video To “Mask”

Finntroll present the video to their single “Mask”. The song is taken from their seventh studio album“Vredesvävd”. “Vredesvävd” will be out on September 18th and the title translates to “Wrath-woven”. Ahead of the release, they present the song “Mask” with an official video.

Watch “Mask” below.

The band comments:
“The worms of timeless cold have awaken. Mouths as dry as the forest bathed in false light for too long, hungering for blood. Shedding the moss off their pale skin they begin to gather outside their cave, ignoring the sun burning their scaly eyes. They stretch their limbs one last time, knowing that tonight they will feast either in the halls of Rivfader- or on the corpses of the human usurpers. Let the litanies of evil, hatred and murder begin!”

Listen to the previously released single ‘Ormfolk’ below.

Recorded and mixed at the renowned Sonic Pump Studios, mastered at Chartmakers and produced by keyboardist-composer Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali with vocalist Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns acting as his right hand, “Vredesvävd” will be out on Septembe 18th, whioch is a postponed date, due to YOU KNOW WHAT.

The band comments:
After seven years of hiding, Ormfolk slithers it’s way to bring the human race a prelude of the forthcoming chaos which even global pandemics are unable to prevent. Catchy melodies, furious speed and the rabid black humppa will ensure that your ears will be hissing for a long time!

“Vredesvävd” will be available in the following formats and can be pre-ordered HERE

-Gatefold lilac LP (limited to 200 / EMP)
-Gatefold silver LP (limited to 200 / Nuclear Blast)
-Gatefold dark green LP (limited to 200 / CM Distro)
-Gatefold clear LP (limited to 100 / EU Band Shop)
-Gatefold transp. red LP (Levykauppa Äx)
-Gatefold black LP (all outlets)
-Standard CD Jewelcase (all outlets)
-Ltd. CD Mediabook & Patch in Slipcase (all outlets)
-Digital Albums (all platforms)

Vredesvävd Tracklist:
1.Väktaren 2:48
2. Att Döda Med En Sten 3:37
3. Ormfolk 3:58
4. Grenars Väg 3:44
5. Forsen 4:07
6. Vid Häxans Härd 4:01
7. Myren 2:49
8. Stjärnors Mjöd 4:08
9. Mask 3:01
10. Ylaren 5:06

Trollhorn – Keyboards, Orchestrations, Guitars, Banjo, Mouth Harp
Tundra – Bass
Skrymer – Guitars
Routa – Guitar
Vreth – Vocals
Virta – Keys
MörkÖ – Drums

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