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Helaas moeten we jullie mededelen dat de gehele Europese tournee van Uada & supports in verband met de huidige situatie rondom het coronavirus verplaatst moet worden. Gekochte tickets blijven geldig; een nieuwe datum volgt spoedig. Het officiële statement van de band:
It is with great disappointment that we must announce the postponement of our planned European tour next month due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This tour was a very monumental moment for us and we were very much looking forward to sharing it with our European fanbase.
As we have watched travel bans & restrictions being placed, and the world shutting down event by event/country by country, we understand this is well beyond any of our control, regardless of our desire to press forward.
We are already working hard to reschedule this tour for 2021 as well as add club shows between European festivals later this summer, so long as nature allows it.
Tour merch will be available online soon. We hope all touring bands, crew, promoters, venue owners & staff around the world that are affected by this current situation will get the support they need & deserve during these historical & trying times. Our thoughts are with you.
We would also like to thank all who have worked so hard behind the scenes to put this tour together. We know this is just as disappointing and frustrating for you, but your efforts will not be in vain and definitely not unnoticed. Thank you!
Our best wishes go out to you all and we will hopefully see you all on the other side of this soon. In the mean time, stay healthy, stay clean, stay haunted.



» UADA  (Black Metal)
From the darkness, UADA (meaning haunted in latin) emerges breathing the spirit of the original 90’s Black Metal wave. Since 2014, this Portland, Oregon four-piece has used a unique approach to combine raw black metal and spectral melodies.   January 24th, 2015 saw the live debut appearance for a packed house at ‘Famine Fest II in Portland, alongside bands like Terrorizer, Engorged, Nekrofilth, Drawn & Quartered, Cemetery Lust & many more. Uada was well received & quickly dubbed one of the main highlights of the Festival. Following their first and only photo shoot with Peter Beste, Uada returned fire in Portland at the 6th Northwestern Black Circle Festival with Inquisition, Demoncy, Weregoat, Slutvomit & many more. This first year included 10 additional showings in the Pacific Northwest with Antaeus, Negura Bunget, Bell Witch, Christian Mistress, Sabbath Assembly, and more.   In spring 2016, their debut album “Devoid of Light” will be released via Eisenwald, self-recorded by the band & then mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). It features the artwork of Kris Verwimp and band photography by Peter Beste. In support of this new album, Uada is confirmed to play the Northwestern Black Circle Festival again, this time with Absu and will mark the kick off date for a west coast tour.   “Uada is one of the most interesting & exciting bands coming out of Portland these days” – John Haughm (Agalloch)
» GRIFT  (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Grift is the one man band by multi-instrumentalist Erik Gärdefors. Formed in 2011, inspired  strongly by Swedish folklore, nature and existential questions. Grift’s ambition is to capture the  feeling of desolation and express this through music, words and images.Grift perform live, both as a full -scale band with four people, and alone with nothing but his voice and acoustic guitar.
» SOLBRUD  (Black Metal)
Solbrud is back with their third album ‘Vemod’ (Danish for sadness). A work where the band’s unique black metal accompanied by pessimistic premonitions of the imminent fall of mankind forges a grandiose, poetic and deeply personal expression. On ‘Vemod’, Solbrud opens up an all encompassing dimension of sound and words, in which the listener encounters the tale of what we are, what we were and what the world one day will be without us. From the birth of Solbrud (Danish for sun breach) in 2009, the aim has been to forge melodic and evocative compositions in a raw, storm-like expression; a sound generally achieved by coupling unrelenting drumming with chord and harmony based guitar riffs through an array of effects, creating an intense and atmospheric soundscape – or in fewer words: Black metal. The debut ‘Solbrud’ was released in 2012, and in 2014 ‘Jærtegn’ followed. Both albums and the quartet’s emotional and intense live performances have since then consolidated Solbrud as a band with a special, artistic vision unfolding in non-compromising and boundary pushing black metal. Solbrud’s new album ‘Vemod’ draws from the longing, melodic approach, that signifies the debut album, along with the infernal drive and complexity of the sequel. On ‘Vemod’, Solbrud has cultivated their unique approach to songwriting even further and added new elements in both composition and instrumentation. The focus on melody is emphasized and the listener encounters a band which through working with complex arrangements simultaneously challenges and pays respect to the proud traditions of the genre. As the previous album ‘Jærtegn’, ‘Vemod’ is recorded with producer Lasse Ballade (Slægt, Orm, Halshug) in his Ballade Studios in Copenhagen, this time during a freezing January 2017. In addition, the legendary Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Rainbow) has overseen the mastering in Sweet Silence North, where the album received an old school tape mastering, which only enhances the band’s analogue and organic sound. ‘Vemod’ unfolds a pessimistic view on man, its nature and its role in this world. Due to its folly and greediness, mankind is on the verge of destroying itself, and the few who have realised this must necessarily turn their backs to the world, as it has become, and wander their own path – into the great wide open, into themselves, to return to their origins and once again become one with nature and its forces. The few see what lies ahead, they sense the fall and the eternal goodbye. From this ‘vemod’, a sadness emerges due to our destiny, due to the loss, due to the world soon to be dead to mankind. This is not a Fall in the Christian sense, but instead it is the ultimate fall: Man, who betrays himself and his origin, nature and the good that might after all exist within us. The rejection of the world, as it has become, emerges from love of nature that we are derived from, and which we are in the process of destroying. But first, we will destroy ourselves and when mankind has perished, nature and the universe will live on as had we never been here. As the bond with nature is a primary force in the lyrics, so it is in the music of Solbrud. In similarity with nature, its facets are manifold displaying black metal’s broad potential of expression by being both grand, organic, melodic and dissonant, of vivid narration as well as direct and raw. Like an oak takes hundred years to become fully grown, Solbrud takes the time to unfold their tales and in the process, the band creates a transcendental musical condition capable of dissolving the experience of the now. As the few are driven to turn their backs on mass culture in order to gaze inwards, the listener also has to forsake the superficial and the obvious and instead devote herself to a now, that demands complete presence. And when doing so, one is equally rewarded tenfold. Landscapes arise, the horizon stretches and the mind expands, as one is submerged into the music and encompassed by the realisation, which is usually forgotten, chased away and betrayed in haste and mindless pursuit: A knowledge of the forthcoming destruction as well as an reminder bidding us to live in accordance with the forces in and around us….now, while we are still here.
» VELNIAS  (Atmospheric Black Metal)


Apr 15 2020



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