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Suicide Commando – Ambassador21 – Super Dragon Punch!!

» SUICIDE COMMANDO (Electro / EBM / Industrial)

Going strong for 30 years, Suicide Commando have not only been pioneers of the harder Electro genre, but continue being innovators up to this very day. Formed in summer 1986 by Johan van Roy, the band made a name for itself through a series of self-released tapes from the late Eighties to the early Nineties. When the group released its first full-length CD „Critical Stage“ in 1994, it soon would evolve into one of the most popular and important acts of the scene. On this and all of the subsequent …

» AMBASSADOR21 (Industrial / Digital Hardcore)
AMBASSADOR21, the often imitated but never equaled industrial duo from Belarus. Throughout the past years, Natasha A Twentyone and Alexey Protasov have clearly put their mark on the industrial scene with their harsh, relentless sound and their explosive live performances. And it doesn’t look like their reign of domination is about to end soon. But what would you expect from a band that has the punk-attitude flowing through their veins and lives in the same sick and twisted world you do? AMBASSADOR21 …
» SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! (Synthpunk / Industrial)
Super Dragon Punch!! is a synthpunk/8bit/industrial project from Belgium since 2012.    It grew up from the ashes of the much noisier project called “RANkOR”. Jérémie Venganza creates its music and writes the lyrics, and has been active with various other synthpop/industrial projects for over 15 years.  SDP!!’s sound is influenced by retro gaming and 80s synths, adding some raw energy during live performances.    The band has performed at different kinds of events in Europe, Mexico or …


Nov 08 2019



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