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Revival Fest 2021 (uitverkocht)

The 2020 edition is postponed to 27th of June 2021. If you are unable to make it, you can get a refund from dB’s. You will recieve an email about this. Hopefully see you next year and mosh it up!
X Rosie

This is the second edition of Revival Fest Hardcore Punk Matinee. This festival is an annual tribute to the legendary Hardcore Punk Matinees we used to have in Utrecht and in loving memory of our friend Dick van Doorn ♥

This year we have something really special for old Hardcore Punk fossils, but also for young enthusiasts: MIHOEN! will thrash your socks off once again. This is going to be a bruising party with the support of 4 more acts: Cockroach (Punk/Crust/Grind), Kru$h (Crust/Grind), Gewoon Fucking Raggen (HC Punk Trashcompactorviolence) and a short noise break with no other than The Possible Suspect ♥

There will also be a stand with second hand/ oldschool (but still wearable;)) punk/HC/Skate/Metal t-shirts. You can donate t-shirts (if they’re in good condition) and we’ll sell ‘m during the festival for charity. If you have some old shirts lying around, get in touch with us!

MIHOEN! doesn’t really need an introduction, but we’ll say a few words anyway: Holy shitballs, this is fast, loud and brutal! We missed you!

COCKROACH – These southern bastards play fast crust and don’t hesitate to speak their minds!

KRU$H can best be described as an energetic d-beat crustcore tornado.

GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN will attack your ears with breakneck speeds and a high volume that will corrupt your mind and make your brain explode. Sounds good, yea?

THE POSSIBLE SUSPECT will provide us a short noise/punk intermezzo. Dick van Doorn used to play guitar in this band, so we are very happy and humbled to have them on stage again in honor of our friend.


Jun 27 2021



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