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Oceans of Slumber – The Devil’s Trade

We’re proud to present Oceans of Slumber, the excellent progressive metal band from Houston, Texas in Little Devil. Their very distinctive sound will blow you away, not least because of the extraordinary singer Cammie Gilbert.

Oceans of Slumber (USA)

“The last few years have been turbulent. When you have this mixture of a few very emotional and creative people, it gets shaky sometimes. Internal and family struggles were trying to rot us from the inside out. This new album is a reflection of those personal feelings.”

Love. Loss. Struggle. Surrender. The Journey. The End.

The Devil’s Trade

The Devil’s trade is a one man gang chained to some burden that he pulls through his ways leaving tracks behind to lead or guide mostly him which directions not to and which to go again. The legs are old wounded up to the knees as the tracks are that deep and filled with sticks and stones but strict marks that lead him where he wants to arrive. His music is the dust he shakes during this pilgrimage of his.


Aug 16 2019



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