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propose a heavy doom of sub-sabbathian ancestry bleached by ethereal keening and monolithic riffage.
Formed in the gray and depressive Fall of 2015, some dark appearances from Catania, Italy – willing to channel their existential void into musical form.
After a short break-up, the band is back and will promote their new album.

Beyond Our Ruins

was founded in October 2008. As from October 2012 the band is active in its’ current line-up. From this moment on the band has found a steady basis of sound and musical synergy.
Beyond Our Ruins release of debut ‘A Dreadful Oath’ at Doom over Gorinchem introduced the scene to their dark, melodic and modern take on old-time favorites like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and more recent gems like Swallow the Sun and Opeth.
They will promote their new EP “A Dreadful OATH”.

was formed in 2008 in Genk (Belgium).
The self-titled debut album “Splendidula” was recorded in 2013 and released on June 22th 2013.
After some serious line-up changes the music evolved to a mix of Post, Sludge & Doom metal, with some additional grunts for a heavier sound. New material is in the works.


Feb 09 2020



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