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Goat Semen – Bloodtomb – Sudden Death

Goat Semen is a War Metal band founded in 2000- exact date is unknown, in Lima Peru.

Created by Levifer and Neyra. Both are not new to the Metal scene as Juan Levifer played in Levifer and Black Angel. And Neyra played in Saram and Black Angel and was involved in Temple of the Damned Zine.

They are assigned to Hells Headbangers Records, so you can get a good image on how great these guys will sound.

Their inspiration comes from bands such as Bathory, Hellhammer, Blasphemy, and all that good stuff.

Their first Demo: “Southamerican Terrorist Black Death Destruction.” Is, quoting someone, “A very Nihilistic, very Raw, and very blasphemous Demo.”

Next is their self-titled Demo which only sold a limited number of 666 Copies on Cassette. Released on Devil’s Arts Productions it features 7 songs, a roughly 31 Minutes long of putrid, dark, raw, and evil sound. (Technically 14 and 62 minutes long as Side A and Side B just repeat itself) Fortunately for me and many others, you can get it here Goat Semen Demo at a fairly good deal seeing how it only released a limited number.

The Demo art is inappropriate- Obviously, as the Band name suggest it isn’t family friendly- i will instead be putting an edgy pic of the band members.

Their first Split is titled: “Abominable Trinity of Evil” and it is a 16 minute long split with a limited release of 300 Copies. Released on Legion of Death Records around 2003.

It features two songs from Goat Semen: “Death Will” and “Apologia Terrorista” and two songs from Levifer: “Krushed Temple of Bastard” and “Wizard’s Bestial Flame”. It was a hand number Vinyl.

Second Split: “4 Spears in God’s Ribs” is edjee.Released on September 3rd, 2003. It Features 4 bands: Krieg, Necroplasma, Goat Semen, and Nazxul. Total of 27:31 minutes. It was released under Hiberica and sold 500 copies on Vinyl.

Third Split: “Goatwatchers United – Satans Goats Tribute” are the gods of Goat Metal. (Unfortunately Goat Penis isn’t on this album. ; -;) Released on DIt features Goat Messiah, Goat Vengeance, Goat Wrath, and Goat Penis. December 2003 Sold only a limited 333 Vinyl copies. It was released under Goatwatchers United. All Hail the Goat God of Metal.

“Devotos del diablo”. Released in 2004 under Warhymns Records with a limited number of 666 Copies for ultra kvlt. It features Anal Vomit and Goat Semen. This is basically just a reissue of old Demos. Copies were sold by hand-number, as most of Goat Penis’ work is. With 16 songs, total of 56:45 minutes, it is indeed one of my favorites from them. This album slowly achieved their break from the underground.

Fifth Split: “Sabbatical Goat Semen” is a split featuring Goat Semen and Sabbat. Total number of 15 songs, a total length of 1 hour and 13 minutes.

It is a live album and a release of 2002 Goat Semen demo. Released December 22nd, 2006, Sold 1000 hand-numbered limited copies under Witchhammer Productions.

First Live album is titled: “En vivo en Lima Hell” released in 2007 under Hells Headbangers. It is easy to get your hands on and promoted through Spotify.

a Raw old school thrash sound with Black/Death Metal style as seen in Blasphemy.

Second Live Album: “Raids the North – Gigoku No Syuhrai” Which means “Invasion of Hell”, or “Hell Invasion”. Released on September of 2007 under Deathrash Armageddon sold a limited number of 300 copies. Side A contains 3 songs, Side B contains 4. Total length of 31 minutes.

“Holocausto” is their 2013 demo. Released in October of 2013, with an unknown amount of copies handed out. It was released under Austral Holocaust Productions.

No other information on this other than: “Official Demo tape, serving a promotional purpose for the upcoming album. Pro done covers, printed on purple paper and home dubbed tapes.” found on their wiki page. Luckly it’s on Youtube.

And finally, their First Full-length Album: “Ego Svm Satana” released on Hells Headbangers Records on February, 24th of 2015. It is available on Spotify and probably in your local music store. Featuring 9 songs, total of 39 minutes. It was their first to reach out of the underground and into Black Metal’s mainstream kvlt fan base.

They have other versions of this album, of course. Such as a Cassette, Vinyl, and a few under Kvlt label/Austral Holocaust Productions.


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