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Cannabis Corpse – Carnation – Withered

Cannabis Corpse
death metal

Death metal extravaganza with a healthy dose of humor in Cinema. The fact Land Phil of Municipal Waste is involved should state the obvious. But make no mistake, these gentlemen give everything they have in true (and I quote): Morbid Angel, Death, Decide, Entombed, Gorguts, Nile, Suffocation and euh … Cannibal Corpse style. To top it off they will present their brandnew album “Nug So Vile”, with a release planned for the 1st of November on Seasons Of Mist. Better stretch those neck muscles.

death metal

Our very own death metal pride could not be missed on this party right? Cause that’s the least we can say after their fantastic “Chapel Of Abhorrence” album. If they can tear down the walls at the Asakusa Deathfest, they are very welcome to repeat this in Aalst. You don’t know them yet. Think Swedish style (Entombed, Bloodbath) or English style (Bolt Thrower) heavyness. And wasn’t it the latter that was once compared with an groundsplitting chainsaw? No more comment!

death metal / black metal

At a bbq with raw meat, the gourmet needs his part too. Extra spiced, Withered from Atlanta, CA, is here for your delight! Hard to explain their exact style, but take a death metal steak, add some black metal sauce, and we’re getting there. Maybe Goatwhore make the best comparison. Something to discover?

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Jan 03 2020



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Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen, België
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