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Bloodshed Fest is an ongoing event since the year 2001, promoting extreme, underground music styles. Originated in Weert, The Netherlands, the fest moved to Eindhoven in 2007 to the Dynamo venue, where after 11 editions, of which the last one sold out, the move was made to Effenaar. It is organized by Doomstar Bookings and after many editions in October, the fest moved to mid-September in 2018.

To us as organisation, Bloodshed Fest has become about everything that happens in and around DIY spaces, with a strong left wing political agenda, promoting socialism, equality, veganism and the music/art that supports this. We try to bring as many musical styles together that one would encounter at DIY spaces, squats and even living rooms at times, like for instance grindcore, hardcore punk, powerviolence, d-beat, crust, sludge, doom, death metal among others, but even extreme electronic music like breakcore.

We feel that in this day and age DIY spaces are becoming more and more threatened. For instance in The Netherlands where the fest takes place, squatting has been banned for some years now and with that a lot of show spaces disappeared, making it harder to build a feeding ground for underground extreme music. A lot of innovative music styles start from these DIY spaces, that’s why we feel it is important to put together a festival that brings music and people from all over the world together that believe this point of view and want to support it. We welcome you all to our humble gathering in Eindhoven in September.

Aborted (BE) – 66,6% old school set
From Ashes Rise (USA) – excl. EU show
S.O.B/Sabotage Organized Barbarian:Official (JP) excl. EU show
Hatari (IS)
Iron Lung (USA) excl. EU show
Antisect (UK)
Coffins (JP)
Despise You (USA)
Dopethrone (CAN)
Of Feather and Bone (USA)
Hellripper (UK)
Trappist (USA)
Tomb Mold (CAN)
Gets Worse (UK)
Ritual Necromancy (USA)
Accion Mutante (GER)
Dödsrit (SE/NL)
Completed Exposition (JP)
Reznyck (F) – first live band performance
Marxbros (USA/NL)
Bad Luck Rides On Wheels (GER)
Flesh Mechanic (UK)
Defy the Curse (NL)
Lik de kikker (NL)
Pu:ppkakkbaggrlull (NL)
Kutwyv (NL)


Sep 13 2019 - Sep 14 2019



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