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Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden tribute)

Blood Brothers
Our friends from Ukraine are suffering from the hunger of their British idols. They decided to take the guitars in their hands and, at least, partly to satisfy their hunger. The result was so amazing, that they got an official approve! Their concerts are so good, that they even can wake the dead! Their performance is also the spectacular act of five members who completely devoted themselves to Iron Maiden music. This creates a prominent atmosphere for the audience and feeling of being a part of a British legend’s show. Finally, guys have a big number of concerts on their account supporting leading bands like «Scorpions», «Guano Apes», «Lacuna Coil», «Enter Shikari», «Antiflag», «Caliban», «Clawfinger» and, of course, Paul Di’Anno & Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden). This year Blood Brothers tour is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Iron Maiden reunion. Iron Maiden maniacs will perform the full «Brave New World» album and the compilation of the classic hits. The show that every IM fan deserves!


https://youtu.be/pZxj4f1nZ58 – The Trooper
https://youtu.be/vFZtE6g1Lps – Run To The Hills
https://youtu.be/xd6YGF0s8rk – Fear Of The Dark
https://youtu.be/FQo85S5OAvk – The Evil That Men Do
https://youtu.be/T-jrzFSi0yQ – Hallowed Be Thy Name
https://youtu.be/IAFidHBWOE4 – Blood Brothers
https://youtu.be/GhlVQ5UGg2k – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
https://youtu.be/3x05oa7S0IA – 2 Minutes To Midnight
https://youtu.be/saz4G9sV4Ps – Flight Of Icarus


Oct 12 2019



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