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DRAGONFORCE has a lot of music written for next album


DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li spoke to Finland’s Chaoszine about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band’s next studio album. He said: “We’ve got a lot of music written. We haven’t recorded it. So we’re actually gonna look for a new record deal at the moment to do it.

“We don’t do music for money, so we only release stuff when we want to and it sounds good,” he explained. “We’re not on a hamster wheel: ‘You’ve gotta release an album every two years.’ It’s hard to be creative when you just force yourself to make good music, and every artist knows.

“We don’t just make music now; we’re content creators at the same time. We have a pause on YouTube at the moment, but we were posting every week before that. So if you want something — an art form; I don’t know if you can call YouTube ‘art form’ — if you want something from us, there’s always something coming from DRAGONFORCE, even if it’s not new music. Right now you’re getting backstage and behind-the-scenes footage from the shows on our U.S. tour on our Twitch channel.

“When it comes, it’ll be a good album that we’ll be proud of,” he added.

DRAGONFORCE is currently on the road in North America with FIREWINDVISIONS OF ATLANTIS and SEVEN SPIRES.

DRAGONFORCE is continuing to tour in support of its eighth full-length, “Extreme Power Metal”, which came out in September 2019. Produced in Los Angeles, California by Damien Rainaud at Mix Unlimited, the LP was also recorded, in part, on Li‘s livestream channel on Twitch with participation from the fans.

DRAGONFORCE‘s platinum-selling single “Through The Fire And Flames” brought the London-based Grammy-nominated extreme power metal group international acclaim and was featured as the most challenging song on “Guitar Hero III”.

In March 2019, the “Through The Fire And Flames” music video reached a new milestone: it surpassed one hundred million views on YouTube — DRAGONFORCE‘s first music video to do so.

“Through The Fire And Flames” is the leadoff track from 2006’s “Inhuman Rampage” album, which was officially certified gold in July 2017 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for sales in excess of half a million copies.

DRAGONFORCE‘s 2020 European and North American tour dates marked the band’s first with new bassist and backing vocalist Alicia Vigil (VIGIL OF WAR), who joined DRAGONFORCE in January of that year.

In August 2019, DRAGONFORCE parted ways with longtime bassist Frédéric Leclercq. He has since joined German thrashers KREATOR.

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