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DemUnillusions release single “Lost Vanguard”


The Russian symphonic metal band DemUnillusions released their newest single “Lost Vanguard”. The song has an old version in Russian in 2015, but was re-recorded in English and in the modern sound of the group in 2021.

Stream the original Russian version of “Lost Vanguard” below.

The music is based on themes of freedom, insanity and struggle with oneself. The sound combines both dark motives and light melodies and energy. A powerful and epic symphonic base, heavy and melodic riffs, ringing and elastic bass, pulsating drums and non-academic vocals that is not standard for the genre.


Lost Vanguard: 

  • Music and lyrics by DemUnillusions.
  • Produced by DemUnillusions.
  • All recorded by DemUnillusions.
  • Mixed and mastered by Andrey Brodsky at Slaughtered Studio, Moscow, Russia (https://vk.com/slaughteredstudio)
  • Cover artwork and logotype design by DemUnillusions.
  • All music arranged, vocal melodies, drums, bass and orchestrations by DemUnillusions

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