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Dean Guitars launch Dean NashVegas Select Series

Dean NashVegas Select Series


Dean Guitars launch Dean NashVegas Select Series

With the introduction of the Dean NashVegas Select Series, Dean Guitars delivers four new models with a classic look but plenty of original attitude. These guitars are killer professional axes with exclusive, tonally versatile pickups. Available in two finishes, Black Satin and Metallic Red Satin, and with multiple signature appointments, the Dean NashVegas Select Series is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary.

The Dean Select Series is designed by professionals for professionals, which is reflected in the stage-readiness of the Dean NashVegas Select guitars. Dean begins with their classic NashVegas body design in basswood and offers a flat top with an arm cut for enhanced playability. The bolt-on neck (25 ½’’ inch scale) with dual-action truss rod provides an extra mid-range punch with its bound 22 fret ebony fretboard and maple neck outfitted with a 12-inch radius that’s smooth and stylish with pearloid dot inlays. Grover tuners provide reliable stability that keep the tuning right on point. Dome black knobs and black hardware round out the sleek aesthetic.

Two of the NashVegas Select models offer the high-end Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo system which enhances tuning stable as players throw down any style of acrobatic playing. The other two fixed-bridge models offer a more traditional two-piece hardtail with Dean’s exclusive Cadi tailpiece for ease and sustain.

Plugged in, the exclusive Seymour Duncan APH-1N and TB-5 pickups deliver all the desirable tones, from high-gain metal to sparkling cleans and everything in between. The APH-1N at the neck is sensitive to pick attacks and makes the highs sing and sound thick, and the lows sound warm and buttery. The TB-5 is an overwound PAF-style bridge pickup with a bright upper-midrange, helping the notes jump out when playing clean, and provides greater harmonic content when playing with gain.[1] Tonally, these Seymour Duncan pickups are one-of-a-kind and esthetically, their zebra parchment finish and sand-blasted pole pieces set their look apart from the rest.

The volume and tone knobs on the NashVegas Select guitars are positioned traditionally, but the 3-way toggle is uniquely positioned on the horn of the guitar for a consistent Dean vibe. So, while these guitars have a classic look, they’re 100% Dean from top to bottom.

The Dean NashVegas Select Series is priced competitively, with the Black Satin and Metallic Red Satin set at a street price of $749, and the Floyd Black Satin and Floyd Metallic Red Satin at a street price of $849.