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Ex-KORN drummer DAVID SILVERIA on possibility of reunion for band's 30th anniversary: 'you just never know'


In a new interview with Rocking With Jam Man, former KORN drummer David Silveria, who left the band a decade and a half ago, was asked if there is any chance of him rejoining KORN in time for the group’s 30th anniversary in 2023. He responded: “It would obviously take all of us talking. So far, I don’t see any of that even happening. But you never know. You just never know.”

Silveria also talked about his decision to exit KORN back in 2006. He said: “I left the band for a few reasons. One of them was because when we started out, we were all equal members and everything was supposed to be voted on and everyone had equal say in everything. And that slowly turned into a different way of things working that I totally, a hundred percent disagreed with. And at the same time, three days before I filmed the last video on 2005’s ‘See You On The Other Side’ (album), I was lifting weights in my garage and I was squatting, holding dumbbells and there was a TV above me. And I squatted down. Something on the TV got my attention and I fell backwards and I hit the ground. And I actually broke four bones in my lower back… It was actually a few years that went by before I had my back repaired. But I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even do anything.” 

Silveria recently launched a new band called BREAKING IN A SEQUENCE. He is joined in the Orange County, California-based group by bassist Chris Dorame, guitarists Joe Taback and Mike Martin and singer Rich Nguyen.

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