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DISTURBED's DAVID DRAIMAN says tumor removed from arm has turned out to be benign


DISTURBED‘s David Draiman says that the tumor which was recently removed from the radius in his right arm has turned out to be benign.

Yesterday, the 50-year-old singer took to his Twitter to write: “It’s BENIGN!!!! THANK GOD!!!!

“I may be performing with a sling for a while…but we’re coming for you Europe, USA, and the rest of the world.

“Time to remind everyone why we are who we are… We are… @Disturbed”.

On Tuesday (May 30),Draiman shared a photo of his heavily bandaged arm and he revealed that he was awaiting biopsy results after getting the tumor removed.

“I had a tumor removed from my rt radius last week. It had been keeping me up nights. Should have biopsy results tomorrow. Thoughts, prayers, positive energy all welcome. @disturbed #areasontofight”.

DISTURBED‘s latest album, “Divisive”, came out last November. The LP was recorded earlier last year with producer Drew Fulk (MOTIONLESS IN WHITELIL PEEPHIGHLY SUSPECT) in Nashville, Tennessee.

1. Hey You
2. Bad Man
3. Divisive
4. Unstoppable
5. Love To Hate
6. Feeding The Fire
7. Don’t Tell Me (feat. Ann Wilson)
8. Take Back Your Life
9. Part Of Me
10. Won’t Back Down