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CANDLEMASS release lyric video for “Angel Battle”

photo credit: Linda Åkerberg


CANDLEMASS release a lyric video for their fourth single, “Angel Battle”, from their last album Sweet Evil Sun, released on Napalm Records on November 18th 2022.

Watch “Angel Battle” below.

“The kings of doom are back and in a big way!
Sweet Evil Sun is a black gem of the genre: powerful production, pounding drums, rough guitar sound and well felt vocal harmonies.
9 solid songs plus an outro to remind us that CANDLEMASS are the Black Sabbath of my generation, they are the ones who carry this heavy legacy and they do it with epic glory.”

(Vorph – SAMAEL founder, singer & guitarist)

Watch the previously released official lyric video for “When Death Sighs”  below.

Also watch the previously released “Scandinavian Gods” and “Sweet Evil Sun” below.

The artwork for Sweet Evil Sun was illustrated by the skilled hand of Erik Rovanperä, the architect behind CANDLEMASS’ visual style since Psalms for the Dead (2012)

Order “Sweet Evil Sun”  AT THIS LOCATION.

 Leif Edling on the new album:         Sweet Evil Sun is about hope, striving, adoration and failure. It’s about all the personal battles that you have, but also the never-ending decay of humanity.

The record took over a year to make and there’s not a bad track on it! We had a fantastic time recording it and are really looking forward to the release. It’s Doom, It’s Metal! It is the essence of CANDLEMASS put into one album!”

Sweet Evil Sun Tracklist:
1. Wizard Of The Vortex
2. Sweet Evil Sun
3. Angel Battle
4. Black Butterfly
5. When Death Sighs
6. Scandinavian Gods
7. Devil Voodoo
8. Crucified
9. Goddess
10. A Cup Of Coffin (Outro)

Sweet Evil Sun will be available in the following formats:
Ltd. Die Hard Vinyl Box (Napalm Shop only)
2LP Gatefold Sun Yellow (Napalm Shop only)
2LP Gatefold Black
2LP Gatefold Purple
1CD 6pp Digisleeve
CD Digisleeve + Shirt Bundle
Digital Album

Leif Edling: Bass
Mats “Mappe” Björkman: Guitars
Jan Lindh: Drums
Lars “Lasse” Johansson: Guitars        
Johan Langquist: Vocals

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