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BURNING WITCHES release video for "The Witch Of The North"

- Title track of new album released on Walpurgis Night -


BURNING WITCHES release not only the title track of their upcoming new studio album, “The Witch Of The North,” but also their first ever high-quality music video to go along with it. And they couldn’t have chosen a better date for the release of this new single: it coincides with Walpurgis Night, the traditional night of the witches, deeply rooted in Central and Northern European folklore.

Watch “The Witch Of The North” below. 

BURNING WITCHES comment on the video:
“It was a big dream of us, to finally produce a video clip with an acclaimed company like Grupa 13 and a bit of a bigger budget. The title track of the new album was the perfect song to transpose visually, it is not a typical single, it is more of an epic grower. This way we have visually reflected the song for eternity! We hope you will love it as much as we do!”

Watch the previously released “Flight Of The Valkyries” below. 

Release Date: May 28, 2021

01. Winter’s Wrath
02. The Witch Of The North
03. Tainted Ritual
04. We Stand As One
05. Flight Of The Valkyries
06. The Circle Of Five
07. Lady Of The Woods
08. Thrall
09. Omen
10. Nine Worlds
11. For Eternity
12. Dragon’s Dream
13. Eternal Frost
14. Hall Of The Mountain King (Bonus)

Pre-order “The Witch Of The NorthAT THIS LOCATION.

The Witch Of The North” is available in these physical formats:

CD Digipak
2LP Gatefold (Black)
Ltd. 2CD Box Set (incl. “Circle Of Five” EP, signed card, 5 patches, ltd to 1.000)
Ltd. 2LP Gatefold (Clear/Blue Splatter, ltd. to 300)
Ltd. 2LP Gatefold (Blue/White Marbled, ltd. to 200)
Ltd. 2LP Gatefold (Blue, ltd. to 300)

Ltd. 2LP Gatefold (Picture Vinyl, ltd. to 300)

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