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BRING ME THE HORIZON Is Working On New Music


BRING ME THE HORIZON Is Working On New Music

BRING ME THE HORIZON are back in the studio working on new music. The band, which released its acclaimed sixth album “Amo” more than a year ago, is already putting together ideas for the follow-up effort.

Speaking to NME at the Brit Awards 2020, frontman Oli Sykes revealed that he and his bandmates recently spent time in Amsterdam laying down tracks for what will become their next release.

“We’ll give ourselves a day to recover tomorrow and then get straight into it. We’re planning on having music soon, to be honest,” Sykes said (see video below).

When asked about the musical direction of BRING ME THE HORIZON’s new material, Sykes said it is “evolving every day.” He added: “The concept and the idea of what we’re thinking is different every day. We thought we might have an idea of where we want to take it, and I think there’s just gonna be a cosmic force that pulls us in different ways, so it’s gonna be unexpected again, I think.”

BRING ME THE HORIZON was nominated for the “Best British Group” award at the Brits, but lost to FOALS.

This past December, BRING ME THE HORIZON dropped a surprise new album. The eight-song set runs for an hour and 15 minutes and features guest appearances from Halsey, Happyalone., Toriel, Yonaka, Lotus Eater and Bexey. Two of the tracks clock in at more than 10 minutes each, while “Underground Big {HEADFULOFHYENA}” runs over 24 minutes long.

The LP followed BRING ME THE HORIZON’s video for “Ludens”, a song the band recorded for the “Death Stranding: Timefall (Original Music From The World Of Death Stranding)” soundtrack, featuring original music inspired by the PlayStation 4 (PS4) video game “Death Stranding”.

Source: Blabbermouth

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