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ATROCITY issue video for new single "Born To Kill"

Photo credit: Stefan Heilemann / HEILEMANIA


ATROCITY have  released  the song “Born To Kill”. It comes with an official video. The song is taken from the band’s new death metal masterpiece “OKKULT III” on January 20, 2023 via Massacre Records

Watch “Born To Kill” below.

Watch the previously released “Desecration Of God” from the upcoming album below.

A selection of links where you can listen to “Desecration Of God” and “Born To Kill” is available AT THIS LOCATION.

“OKKULT III” will be available as 2-CD mediabook, limited edition vinyl LP, limited edition box set with exclusive content as well as in digital formats. The limited edition box set contains the “OKKULT III” 2-CD mediabook, a flag, a patch, two postcards as well as an autograph card.You can already pre-order the album AT THIS LOCATION.

On their new album, the band has recruited several guest musicians, such as Elina Siirala (Leaves’ Eyes, Angel Nation), Zoë Marie Federoff (Catalyst Crime, Cradle Of Filth), Robse Dahn (Equilibrium) and Misstiq.Lead singer Alexander Krull produced, mixed and mastered the album himself, and Stefan Heilemann (HEILEMANIA) once again captured the album’s atmosphere with his artwork. The Emmy Award-winning sound designer Katie Halliday (“SAW”, “Stranger Things”, “Star Trek: Discovery”) also once again contributed sound effects to the album.

2-CD Mediabook

CD 11. Desecration Of God2. Fire Ignites3. Born To Kill4. Bleeding For Blasphemy5. Priest Of Plague6. Malicious Sukkubus (Feat. Elina Siirala & Zoe Federoff)7. Lycanthropia8. Faces From Beyond9. Cypka10. Teufelsmarsch (Feat. Robse Dahn & Misstiq)

CD 21. Desecration Of God (Instrumental Version)2. Fire Ignites (Instrumental Version)3. Born To Kill (Instrumental Version)4. Bleeding For Blasphemy (Instrumental Version)5. Priest Of Plague (Instrumental Version)6. Malicious Sukkubus (Instrumental Version)7. Lycanthropia (Instrumental Version)8. Faces From Beyond (Instrumental Version)9. Cypka (Instrumental Version)10. Teufelsmarsch (Instrumental Version) Ltd. Vinyl LP A-SideDesecration Of GodFire IgnitesBorn To KillBleeding For BlasphemyPriest Of Plague B-SideMalicious Sukkubus (Feat. Elina Siirala & Zoe Federoff)LycanthropiaFaces From BeyondCypkaTeufelsmarsch (Feat. Robse Dahn & Misstiq)2-CD Mediabook • Ltd. Vinyl LP • Ltd. Box Set Digital

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