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The Italian dark symphonic metallers ASPHODELIA say farewell to Gianni Colonna, who’s leaving the band after two years, and officially welcome their new guitar player Carlo Di Pinto.

The band states:
After thousands of kilometers, dozens of stages, loads of sweat and adventures on the road (most of which will never be publicly disclosed), Gianni Colonna is no longer a member of Asphodelia.
We would like to thank Gianni, who is and will always be a friend, for the great time spent together, and we wish him all the best for his next adventures. We’re sure we’ll have more than one chance to grab a beer together (or maybe a colorful, improbable and weird tasting soda) and recall with a smile all of the funny stories collected in the last two years spent together all around Europe and beyond.
At the same time, we are happy to announce our new guitar player: Carlo Di Pinto.
Carlo is an experienced and talented musician who collaborated with renowned Italian artists (Ricky Portera, Josè Fiorilli) and is also a teacher with important academic achievements (Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Popular Music, Master in Songwriting at UWS – University of the West of Scotland).
The road ahead of us is still long, and we still have a lot to say. Our sophomore album is already in progress and new tour dates will be announced soon. We’re confident that Carlo will be a great travel companion, and his artistic and human contribution will be precious.
Welcome Carlo!

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