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As I LAY DYING album announcement quickly removed by Nuclear Blast Records


Details of new As I Lay Dying album, which would mark the group’s first full-length studio release since the comeback of Tim Lambesis, have surfaced via Nuclear Blast’s official site, only to get taken down.
According to the announcement, the album comes under the title of “Shaped By Fire” and is due for release on September 20.
The album would mark the group’s seventh studio release and the follow-up to 2012’s “Awakened.”
The tracklisting has also surfaced, you can check it out below.
‘Shaped By Fire’ tracklisting:
1. Burn to Emerge
2. Blinded
3. Shaped By Fire
4. Undertow
5. Torn Between
6. Gatekeeper
7. The Wreckage
8. My Own Grave
9. Take What’s Left
10. Redefined
11. Only After We’ve Fallen
12. The Toll It Takes

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