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Album premiere: UNDERTAKERS - 'Dictatorial Democracy'


Album premiere: UNDERTAKERS – ‘Dictatorial Democracy’

2020 marks the return of iconic Italian death-grinders UNDERTAKERS. The band will release a new compilation entitled “Dictatorial Democracy” on 30th October 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

Stream the aentire album below.

Says the band:
“Dictatorial Democracy” sums up the career of a band that started in 1993. We took a couple of years break and  then decided to come back in these hectic and critical times. This album represents the past, present and future of our band: our blend of death metal, grind and hardcore has changed a bit over the years, but the sincere and no-bullshit attitude behind it has always stayed the same. And we’re proud of it”.

“Dictatorial Democracy” features a few brand new songs, old classics from the band’s back catalogue and a couple of acclaimed cover songs: “Fascist Pig”, originally by Suicidal Tendencies, and “Ripetutamente” by Neapolitan band 99 Posse.

The album’s title track, the new song “Dictatorial Democracy”, is now streaming via Slam Worldwide AT THIS LOCATION.


01. Best Hate (New)
02. Dictatorial Democracy (New)
03. Religion is a Crime (New)
04. I’m the Motherfucker *
05. Fascist Pig **
06. Ripetutamente ***

Side B
07. My Pride *
08. The Night of Bastards *
09. It’s time to Die****
10. The Riotmaker****
11. Society vs Society ****
12. Human Decline *****

* “Vision Distortion Perversion”
** “Suicide in Venice Tribute to Suicidal Tendencies”
*** 99 posse Cover
**** “Noise in Stereo”
***** “Suffering Within”


Big Cartel

 *Ultra Limited Edition
* Limited Edition
* Black

Enrico Giannone – Insults
Stefano Casanica – Guitar

Marco Mastrobuono – Bass
Demian Campora – Drums

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