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AL JOURGENSEN: “I'm gonna stop MINISTRY in an album or two”


In a new interview with Yahoo! Entertainment ‘s Lyndsey ParkerAl Jourgensen revealed that he is close to putting MINISTRY to bed, more than 40 years after he launched the band in his former hometown of Chicago.

“My career is winding down with MINISTRY,” Jourgensen said. “I’m gonna stop MINISTRY in an album or two. I have to. I have other things I wanna do.”

He continued: “My public and my band are all in agreement that we are being shackled by… We are taking our genre to the farthest limits it can go, and we’re happy with that. And we’ll stop when it’s time instead of keep going and trying to just recreate the same stuff. We keep trying to push further. So, I figure there’s only maybe one more MINISTRY album to go. Maybe two, but probably one.”

Jourgensen added: “I have other things to do. I have projects that I’m working on with various people. I have film scores. And MINISTRY, now we’re being held to the standard of this new MINISTRY of, okay, either push further or do the most popular stuff over and over and over and over, which we have with ‘Psalm 69’ or something like that. I’m tired of that. We’re all tired of that. Well, we are. The fans aren’t. So I think this next year or two is gonna be really transformative in the sense that I’m wrapping a bow on my entire career and saying, ‘Drop mic. Thank you. Thank you for buying our t-shirts… Good night. And now I hope you follow me on my next journey.”

Al revealed that one of MINISTRY‘s final recordings might be a ‘remake” of the band’s first album, “With Sympathy”, which he claims he had little control over, with the record company at the time dictating its direction. According to Jourgensen, a new version of “With Sympathy” would “tie a bow on the whole thing, and just say, ‘Drop mic. Good night. I’m outta here.'”

The MINISTRY mastermind said that he and his bandmates are heading into the studio to commence work on a new recording of “Revenge”, one of three singles from “With Sympathy”, with the possibility that they will re-record three of the album’s other cuts: “Effigy”“Work For Love” and “Here We Go”. As for when fans might hear these new versions, Al said: “I think it’s going to be sooner than you think.”

This is not the first time Jourgensen has vowed to make a “final” MINISTRY album. 2007’s “The Last Sucker” was supposed to be the band’s last-ever LP. Then, while working on other projects, inspiring riffs were born that would eventually become 2012’s “Relapse”. Later that year, Jourgensen began work on yet another MINISTRY album with longtime guitarist and collaborator Mike Scaccia. Three days after leaving the MINISTRY sessions in El Paso, in the early hours of December 23, 2012, Scaccia suffered heart failure onstage while performing with his other band, RIGOR MORTIS, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Scaccia‘s death both devastated and motivated Jourgensen to return the studio to put the final touches on what they had started in memory of his best friend. The result was 2013’s “From Beer To Eternity”. Two more albums followed, 2018’s “AmeriKKKant” and 2021’s “Moral Hygiene”, with another new LP, “Hopium For The Masses”, tentatively due in August.

MINISTRY played a new song from “Hopium For The Masses” called “Goddamn White Trash” on the band’s recent tour. A fan-filmed video of one of the performances can be seen below.

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