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Acârash release the first single from their second album 'Descend to Purity'


Norway’s Acârash released the first single the first single from their second album ‘Descend to Purity’. Check it out below.
Formed in Oslo in the fall of 2016, and founded on the pillars of the 80s and 90s avant-garde rockers The Void,Acârash is an occult hard rock band that embraces tradition, yet manages to forge a sound all of its own, with its blend of hard rock, metaland black metal.. Acârash’s lineup of of Sølve Sæther on drums, Lukas Paulsen on guitars and Anlov P. Mathiesen on bass and vocals, manage to reinvent, whilst at the same time preserve, in order to deliver a record that explores and develops the boundaries of rock and metal, and naturally alternates between raw catchiness, dark introspection, and progressive doom. “Descend to Purity”, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem at the Caliban Studios in Oslo. ‘Descend to Purity’ will be unleashed on May 29th 2020 through Dark Essence Records worldwide.
1. Descend to Purity
2. Satanic Obsession
3. Desecrate. Liberate.
4. Goat, Skull, Ritual Fire
5. Below Ceremonial
6. Three Knives
7. Steel Hunter
8. Red Stone Betraya

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