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AFGELAST – IIVII (from Josh Graham of A Storm of Light) – Microloop

This Devoted to Drone #10 will be one of soundtracks to explore the unknown: electronica, classical, ambient, drone and vapor-wave.

With IIVII, Josh Graham, visual artist, multi-instrumentalist, electro-acoustic composer focuses on enigmatic, haunting, cinematic atmospheres. A neoclassical orchestration of sounds from the depth of time and space. Graham shared his visions & work with Storm of Light, Red Sparrow, Battle of Mice, Eyehategod and Neurosis among other titans of music. Currently serving as creative director for Soundgarden, IIVII will release a new album next March 20th, again via Consouling Sounds.

Microloop is the project of multi-disciplinary artist and musician Henk Hop from 78 RPM & Slowwalker
A patient and yet relentless research on drone, electronic & ambient music.


Mar 24 2020



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