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Civic – The Stroppies – Gūtara Kyō

CIVIC (Melbourne, australia, / ANTI FADE records )

“CIVIC are fresh meat, one of those rare bands that formed perfectly whole and with true urgency. They gathered momentum immediately, playing every week at a different pub or house party across Australia and releasing a 12″ and 7” in quick succession on Melbourne’s Anti Fade label. Their recordings exhibit song-writing virtuosity that moves from tough glam, power pop and fall down drunk pub rock, a style that the ancients dubbed GUTTER ROCK, and their live show propels the energy of these songs with the precision and discipline of backstreet hardcore. A relentless work ethic has them front and centre in the roster of modern Melbourne’s underground hustle, continuing the tradition of Australian rnr outlaws without any retro schtick. CIVIC is the real deal, the new generation of high voltage Australian rock n roll.

The Stroppies (Melbourne, australia, Tough Love Records)

”Starting out as a recording project between Angus Lord, Claudia Serfaty and Stephanie Hughes, the germ of what would eventually become the Stroppies was formed around a kitchen table in Melbourne’s inner west early 2016.

The initial idea was to create open ended music, collaged quickly and haphazardly together on a Tascam 4 track Portastudio that drew on stream of consciousness creativity and a DIY attitude a la Guided By Voices and The Great Unwashed.

The Stroppies is composed of members of many Melbourne and UK bands (Claudia is originally from London) including Dick Diver, Primetime, Possible Humans, White Walls, Boomgates, The Stevens, See/Saw to name a few.

They make modest, idiosyncratic pop songs that reward with repeated listening.”

GŪTARA KYŌ (Kobe, japan, Slovenly Recordings)

”In January 2017, GŪTARA KYŌ played their first ever gig in the Helluva Lounge in Kobe, Japan. Intense, gnarly, raw, savage, and catching your eye immediately. Reminding us of two of our all-time favorites — TEENGENERATE and LOS CRUDOS — we knew we had to do a record for GŪTARA KYŌ right away.

Kobe is a shabby, crazy place. None of the members of GŪTARA KYŌ have a turntable, and they barely even listen to music. As an abnormal band that transcends stereotypes, their personality is truly genuine & unique … which is not so easy to come across these days.”

ism Hotsjumenas  / The City Is Dead

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Sep 18 2019



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